Fishing In The Indian Ocean

Fishing inside the reef

Fish can be caught at Game Fish Lodge inside the reef.

Zanzibar Island is situated in the Indian Ocean, lying 35km off the coast of east-central Africa. In 1964 Zanzibar, together with Pemba Island and some other smaller islands joined Tanganyika on the mainland to form the United Republic of Tanzania.


You are never too old to going fishing in Zanzibar


A proud moment!

A proud moment!

Zanzibar is connected to the African Continent by a shallow submerged shelf and is considered an extension of the mainland. Known throughout the world as the jewel of the Indian Ocean, Zanzibar has a romantic colourful history of seafarers and explorers, of riches and tragedy and the dark stain of slavery.  Zanzibar is fortunate to have fantastic fishing almost all year round. The surrounding waters of Mnemba Island provide rich fishing waters where marlin, sailfish, barracuda, wahoo and dorado  are plentiful.  The surrounding reef also provides us with hours of fishing for giant trevally and other reef species. Some of the most breathtaking and challenging fishing can be found here as well as the famous Pemba Channel.

_MG_2923 2

One of the most beautiful fish in the ocean

Zanzibar_AUG09 003

Fighting a giant kingfish requires an extra pair of hands


Beautiful rainbow runner



Ladies can do it too!! Yellowfin tuna


On Zanzibar we have two monsoon seasons that govern the weather. These two seasons are separated by very calm periods.

The Kaskazi (north east monsoon) which blows any time from mid-November and continues into early March. The Kaskazi reachest its strongest during January with rough seas and strong winds. From mid-February the winds become lighter and the seas calmer.


The Kusi (southeast monsoon)which starts mid March and continues to blow through to late October. The strongest winds during “Kusi” are during July/August.

Pemba has some of the most beautiful scenery. Here rock formations in the sea

Pemba has some of the most beautiful scenery. Here rock formations in the sea

Pemba Island lies 56km off the coast of East Africa, opposite the port of Tanga, Tanzania. It is 67km long and 22km wide. Pemba is a real island, separated from the mainland by depths of over 3000ft.  The Arabic name means “Green Island” which suggests it is more fertile than its sister island.  Pemba has been known for centuries as the Spice Island depending on most of its existence on the production of spices. Pemba is the world’s leading producer of cloves.


Pemba has some of the most beautiful untouched beaches and shells


Anchoring the boat in Pemba


A calm hideaway for the night

Some of the best fishing in the world is available in the azure waters of Pemba. The Pemba Channel is Africa’s premier marlin destination where striped, black and blue marlin as well as sailfish, broadbill, mako, tiger and other sharks are plentiful. The Channel also provides the fishermen with many hours of action with an abundance of wahoo, yellow fin tuna, dorado, giant trevally and many other lesser game fish.


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